The Lumineers & Alive Inside
challenge you to

Give Music to 10,000
elders with Alzheimer’s


Music restores memories.
Kathryn comes alive when she hears a familiar song.
Let's make this possible for 10,000 elders with Alzheimer’s.


We challenge you to move for memory

Dance. Post. DONATE/Challenge.

Here's how:

  1. Pick your favorite song.
  2. Dance like Kathryn
  3. Post it to Facebook and tag#AliveInside, #DoTheKathryn, and @BeAliveInside.
  4. Challenge three friends.
  5. To chicken to dance? Donate $50 to give music to one person with Alzheimer's.

If you know someone living with Alzheimer’s, let us know here .

Stay involved.

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