Dance it! Post it! Pass it on!

Help 5.8 million people
living with Alzheimer’s
and their Caregivers


Brought to you by Alive Inside,
a Sundance Award Winning documentary and non-profit organization.

#MoveForMemory CHALLENGE

Dance your Elder's favorite song.
Film it, Post it, and Pass it on.

For every $50 donated, we’ll give away one Memory Player and a volunteer
to someone living with Alzheimer’s.

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Do the Challenge!

Here’s how:

1. Dance to your Elder's favorite song! (or yours)
a.) Tell us on camera who you are dancing for!
b.) Dance like you’re 13-years-old and no one is watching.

2. Post the best 10-30 seconds of the video to social media:
a) Tag #AliveInside, #MOVEFORMEMORY, and @BeAliveInside.

3. Pass it on: challenge 3 friends.

4. Don’t want to dance?
a.) Donate $50 and we will give a volunteer and a Memory Player to a person living with Alzheimer’s —
and we’ll match your contribution.

Why Move For Memory

There are 5.8 million people living with Alzheimer’s. They usually end up living out the end of their lives in nursing homes, lonely and disconnected.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A familiar song can make a big difference. There’s no known cure for Alzheimer’s, however, nostalgic music awakens deep parts of the brain, giving those living with Alzheimer’s access to their happiest memories—reminding them that they are still alive inside.

Take Henry, for example. Watch what happens to him when he hears an old tune for the first time in years!

Henry was lucky — he had the help of volunteers who believed his life could be different. It’s not always that easy.

Many families and elderly care facilities lack the resources to get music to people living with Alzheimer’s.

Alive Inside is dedicated to putting an end to that fact. We are activating volunteers to build relationships with and to provide music to people suffering from loneliness and disconnection because of Alzheimer’s.

Our volunteers deliver Memory Players—music headsets with an individualized playlist—to people living with this disease.

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